She's an Engineer - Martina Antalova

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Martina Antalova

Route into engineering

Technical College ( high school), Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Master Degree in Low Potential Energetics with final work on Sustainability in Engineering. I took a junior position at design consultancy, where I progressed to a  full experienced mechanical engineer during my 7 years at the company. Then I joined another company as a Senior Engineer and developed into a design lead during 8 years at the place; the company specialized in design of pharmaceutical facilities. I took a new challenging role of Subject Matter Expert for Pharmaceutical Facilities in a small team of likeminded people.

Job description

As an expert  in building services design of pharmaceutical facilities, I represent the client or end user and ensure that we seek out full criteria for design of pharmaceutical facilities; and that be that they are fit for purpose, whilst ensuring that the delivered designs by others at that point  are correct and fully compliant with all necessary legislation.  An SME exerts overlook the whole lifecycle of the project, ensuring there is very little that can go wrong.

My work day is a mixture of activities, I tend to spend mornings for the deep thinking tasks, there is always a number of teams catch up meetings and often visit sites and clients.

Trust yourself and do not fear, be attentive and a good listener.

The best part is that working on facilities that manufacture life changing drugs and helps thousands is very rewarding.  The worst part is being the fact that the construction industry can be a stressful working environment if not guarded properly.

Being nominated  for a centenary Outstanding Woman in Engineering by WES and win it.  Being  a design lead for the Vaccine and Manufacturing Centre in Oxford and being part of the team. Being responsible and technical lead for a number of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities with life changing impact on patients.

In my current role, I am not only a subject matter expert for the pharmaceutical facilities, other areas we cover is to reduce carbon emissions of cleanrooms and laboratories and help transform them into energy efficient places. Utilizing vast design experience with knowledge of sustainable solutions, provides perfect match to enable us to target the problematic areas.

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