She's an Engineer - Lucy Davies

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Route into engineering

I did an undergraduate master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University. I did a summer placement at Caterpillar as a manufacturing engineer and a year placement at BAE Systems as a systems engineer. I've recently returned to BAE on their graduate scheme as an integration engineer.

Job description

Integration engineer at BAE Systems.

My role as an integration engineer is to verify that a product conforms to its requirements, design and operational information. This ensures that the product is delivered to the customer safely and to the correct standard.

My typical day consists of lots of meetings with different people around the business; trying to understand where the issues with their data or processes lie or speaking with stakeholders about implementing new processes.

I work with a lot of data and configure it using a variety of tools to ensure that there is a master copy of accurate and final data.

Every day is different and brings its own rewards and challenges.

Be curious and ask lots of questions, these conversations could open doors that you didn't even know existed.

Never compare yourself with those around you, everyone is on a different journey and we are all unique.

Finally, support the people around you, lifting each other up is the best way to succeed. Remember that their light doesn't dim yours.

Both the best and worst thing about my job is the amount of interaction with other people. I love having the opportunity to speak to lots of people, hearing different viewpoints and it's fantastic for building up a network. However, there can sometimes be lots of pushback from stakeholders when updating processes, which can be quite frustrating.

My proudest achievement in engineering so far was becoming programme president of my course in university.

I'm from a small town in North Wales where opportunities aren't readily available and therefore before I came to university I had very little experience in engineering. When I first started the course I felt inferior to everyone else, especially being one of very few females on the course. To prove to not only everyone else, but myself, that I was good enough to be there and be elected as the programme president to represent all students (first though to final year students) was a fantastic feeling.

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