She's an Engineer- Karoline Lende

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Route into engineering

I went to school in Oslo, Norway. I then moved to London to study Civil Engineering at Imperial College - I completed a 4-year master’s degree. Since graduating, I have worked as a consulting engineer at Arup.

Job description

Engineer | Advanced Digital Engineering at Arup

I work in projects aiming to get energy from wind and waves (or renewable energy sources). For example, I have been designing a new wave energy machine. I can also use sensors and data to decide if a wind farm can operate for a longer time than what it was designed for (e.g. it was designed to work for 20 years, but I can calculate that it is safe to continue to operate it for 25 years instead). Both wind and wave energy can be converted into electricity to come out of e.g. a plug socket in your house.

Using wind and waves as sources of energy and electricity is very helpful, because we can never “use up” the wind and waves (i.e. they are renewable!). Using these sources of energy is therefore better for the environment.

A normal day for me consists of problem-solving, in the form of deskwork on my computer, responding to emails, and meeting with colleagues. Sometimes I work in a team with many other people and other times mainly on my own. Often, I need to present my work to a big audience or attend conferences and courses to keep learning and developing on the job. I rarely ever wear a hard hat to work!

The opportunities within engineering are endless, so no need to specialise too early.

I love the outdoors, including skiing, running, cycling and hiking.

My favourite part of my job is knowing that what I do can make a real difference, and that I can design and create something that I can see with my own eyes. The worst thing about my job is that it's impossible to find to stay involved with all the interesting projects that are going on at any one time, you need to prioritise.

Being awarded the New Civil Engineer (NCE) graduate of the year in 2018.

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