She's an Engineer- Jade White

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Route into engineering

I completed the Sellafield Ltd Technical Specialist Trainee (TST) Scheme now known as a Degree Apprenticeship. The scheme was specifically designed to meet some of the key shortages within the nuclear industry. I was based on Sellafield Site four days a week and carried out day release training to complete BEng Honours in Nuclear Plant & Process. I was placed in the role of welding technical specialist where I developed my career to train as a Welding Engineer, completing The Welding Institute (TWI) International/European Welding Engineer Diploma.

Job description

Welding Engineer at Sellafield Ltd

My job is to provide specialist advice on welding, fabrication and materials technology. I am a subject matter expert on welding and a point of contact for all Sellafield Ltd welding issues and queries.

No day is the same, due to the nature of supporting all on-site and off-site welding applications, I see a wide variety of questions and topics being raised on a daily basis. Part of the day-job is to review and endorse weld procedures, write fabrication specifications and carry out research and development on different welding techniques.

Mainly do something you enjoy and are interested in, so that you feel happy and engaged when you need to put the work in. Anything is possible if you work hard enough.

Speak to friends’ parents and family members to learn about the world of work and the job opportunities that are out there.

Choose STEM subjects for A Levels and degree level. Look for high level apprenticeships, that offer on the job training.

Take every opportunity you get to advance yourself.

I live in an area of the world known as the 'Energy Coast', with huge industries such as Sellafield Ltd and BAE Systems on my doorstep. I was always aware of the engineering achievements of these industries and have been inspired to contribute towards them and be proud of where I am from.

Completing The Welding Institute (TWI) International/European Welding Engineer Diploma, I was the third woman in the UK to achieve this.

As well as being encouraged by my employers to gain this status, I believed it was important to be recognised by my peers, mainly for recognition of competence, commitment and evidence of expertise. I believe it demonstrates a professional attitude and can also lead to improved career prospects and employability. Since becoming a professional member I have benefitted from internal promotions in my current job role. The requirement to keep on top of continuing professional development (CPD) has helped provide a body of evidence of my achievements. CPD also helps me to identify areas of improvement, which in turn support my performance management agreement with my employer.