She's an Engineer Guidelines

If you would like us to feature your story on the WES website, and use you as a role model when we need to feature female engineers, below are the guidelines of what we will need from you.

Basically you should tell us your story in your own words, in an informal way, written in the first person (i.e. the 'I' version). There's no prescriptive structure - just tell us what you think is interesting, and the type of things people normally include are: how they got into engineering; why they chose it; what they like about it; what they do; what their goals and ambitions are; what they find hard or a challenge; what tips or advice they have. Normally these range between 500-900 words but we're not strict on this. If you want to include hyperlinks then please do so, and if you want people to be able to contact you directly then feel free to include your contact details.

Also please tell us which company you work for and what type of engineer you are.

You will also need to include a head and shoulders image as a jpeg or gif (not massively high resolution and definitely below 8M please). Please note that any information you send will be made available to any media or press who request to use these details or images, and by agreeing for us to post this information you agree to this condition.

When you've done this then email it to Cath at stating 'She's an Engineer Submission' in the subject line, and we will upload it as soon as we have a space. Good luck with writing it.

If you have any more general questions about the feature, or anything else, please contact Cath Heslop  on

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