She's an Engineer- Grace Handley

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Route into engineering

I went to college and studied maths, further maths and physics. From there, I went into my apprenticeship degree at BAE Systems.

Job description

Aerospace Engineering Degree Apprentice at BAE Systems

I’m a Support Integration Engineer, with this I work on all service aspects of the aircraft from the spares we provide with our aircraft to the maintenance schedules and training of ground and aircrew. I make sure all the aspects of the service are integrated together correctly.

Working in integration my job is very dynamic, I work on different projects every day and most weeks I go into work I don’t know what I will be working on which keeps things very exciting! My role involves talking to lots of different people and pulling lots of information together to create solutions.

Remember that education is not just about a grade on a piece of paper, you are also developing your soft skills, for example how you communicate with and influence others, how to be adaptable and remain focused on goals despite unexpected events. You’re on your own journey.

My curiosity inspired me to become an engineer. I love to know how things work and becoming an engineer allowed me to start answering those questions for myself.

The current role I work in allows me to have opportunities to complete work which is at a much higher level than a 4th year apprentice would be expected to work at. The trust my team puts in me to do this work is my motivation.

I have had plenty of setbacks already in my career, the way I always overcome them is by staying positive, upholding my motivation and finding new ways to achieve my goals.