She's an Engineer- Emily Teesdale

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Route into engineering

I started as a trainee straight out of university, in a private practice firm. I learnt the job (whilst taking exams) and qualified after 5 years.

Job description

Partner & Patent Attorney at Abel + Imray

I help companies and individuals protect their innovations and ideas. If you have invented a new feature for a device or a new way of manufacturing something, I can help you to stop others from being able to use them.

I am often looking at technical documents, working out what they are showing and how similar it is to what my client is doing. I then use this analysis to advise my clients on the best course of action and to correspond with patent offices to persuade them to grant a patent to us. As a partner, I also spend a lot of time on management and I also head up the firm's D&I group.

I would say do not feel daunted about going into a male-dominated sector/university degree. You will love it!

Going to the Farnborough Air Show.

The best thing is getting to see cool new inventions before anyone else.

The worst thing is the amount of time I spend in front of a computer screen.

I don't think any one moment stands out, but when clients thank you for your hard work and the job you did, that always puts a smile on my face.

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