She's an Engineer- Dr. Tosha Nembhard

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Dr T.Nembhard

Route into engineering

After graduating with a First Class in BEng (Hons) Aerospace Systems Engineering from Coventry University, I started my professional career as a Design Engineer in the Aerospace sector. Over the next 8-9 years, I progressed through the different ranks in the company, now known as Collins Aerospace, to become a Project Leader and eventually leading the research team as the Head of Advanced Programmes, while simultaneously doing my PhD from Loughborough University.

In 2014, I made the move to the Tertiary Education sector and I have, since, been a Senior Lecturer in Aerospace systems at Coventry University.

Job description

Assistant Professor at Coventry University.

I am an Aerospace Engineer and I have designed and developed heat transfer components for both commercial and military aircrafts. I started lecturing 6 years ago and I enjoy teaching my students how to design novel heat exchangers that meet customer requirements and are in line with the aerospace regulations. We also look at how to plan and deliver the certification and qualification testing of the heat exchanger to demonstrate that the latter is fit to fly.

In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I am also actively working on making the Education and Engineering sectors fairer, more diverse and more inclusive.

Last but not least, I volunteer my time to support societies such Women in Engineering (WES), Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE-UK) and STEM Ambassadors.

I start my day by answering emails, which can, sometimes, go through the whole day. I deliver lectures on aerospace topics, I attend meetings with my students to support them in their work and to provide general guidance,  I conduct research to keep on top of the new developments in the aerospace industry, I engage with my peers to communicate information about the course and share some jokes :) and once a week at least, I volunteer my time for STEM activities, school governor duties, WES member or AFBE partner.

Be fearless and make a longer list of aspirations because you will tick off everything by the time you are 30. 

Curiosity for Space, Love for Physics and the strong female character of Samantha Carter in StarGate SG1. 

I am a voracious reader and the books that I enjoy cover a range of topics such as history, psychology, social inequalities and injustices and some fiction, of course. I adore dancing specially to Indian music. I love volunteering in the UK as well as abroad and bringing a smile to a face.  I am curious about cultures around the world and I like to discover them via my travels.

BEST - I love the interactive side of my job where I get to engage with my students.

WORST - I find the admin side of my job boring and exhausting. 

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