She's an Engineer- Chrisma Jain

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Route into engineering

I did a Mechanical Engineering Degree, then a graduate placement at Balfour Beatty - Site engineer and stayed with them for 10 years. And I now work at TfL. My different roles over the years have been: site engineer, senior engineer, construction manager, strategic manager, value management business partner and Senior project manager.

Job description

Senior Project Manager at Transport for London (TfL)

I build railway tracks on London Underground.

Ensuring my team are planning our track and drainage renewal projects.  This is done through lots of meetings, plans and spreadsheets.  We can only build the railway when the trains go to bed at night or when we seek permission and close parts of the railway at the weekend.  When building the railway, a typical day changes from being in the office to being on site.

Talk to as many different professionals as you can about what they do, what they like about their job and why. 

Best: variety!

Worst: lots of red tape!

I'm part of the WES London Cluster, on the Director Committees and a Trustee.

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