She's an Engineer - Chloe James

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Route into engineering

I completed A Levels in Maths, Physics, Further Maths, German and General Studies, before going on to university to read Aeronautical Technology. I completed a placement year as part of my degree, at Boeing Defence UK, which is where I was introduced to Supportability Engineering. Following my graduation in 2020, I started my role with BAE Systems.

Job description

Integrated Logistics Support Engineer at BAE Systems

I work to configure and integrate data on the Royal Navy's Type 45 Warship programme. This includes data integration for large scale upgrades.

I start quite early - 6am! So, my first task is always to check my emails and see if there are any updates from the evening before. I have a team meeting in the morning too, which involves discussing any issues we have with the work being completed, and a general check in to make sure everyone is okay. I work with specialist tools to align and configure data from various sources, to ensure that there is a single source of correct data. This is crucial to keeping the ship and the crew safe. Every day is different, as there can be a variety of different issues I encounter with the data. Part of the fun is trying to fix these errors before loading them into the final database.

Never be afraid to ask questions. I was quite shy at 15 and hated asking questions for fear of seeming stupid. However, questioning and curiosity are the way people learn. There is no stupid question, only the one you never asked.

was an Air Cadet, and that inspired me to consider engineering. I was very fortunate that I was offered a flying scholarship, and I found it fascinating how planes actually fly.

Outside of work, I love being active. I spend a lot of time at the gym, hiking or doing pole fitness. I also love learning languages!

My proudest achievement has been whilst working on the Type 45 Warship programme. I am fortunate to be part of the team who are working on one of the largest upgrades to the ship. This means I am able to see the work I complete, live in action!

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