She's an Engineer- Catriona Wall

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Route into engineering

I am currently a civil engineering student so am learning a huge range of engineering, from highways and geotechnical to structural design and environmental impacts.

Civil engineering is really so varied, from soil densities to chemical formulas for water treatment, every day is so different and I am learning such a range of skills and understanding of the weird and wonderful civil engineering world. 


A typical day as a civil engineering student consists of lots of lectures and tutorial classes and sometimes a wee lab in between! Some classes are very hands on where we get to test the limit load of a steel bar (basically load it til it breaks!) or defining different soil types to some very theoretical classes where we learn a deeper understanding of the civil engineering world.

When I’m not studying, I am also a keen member of FemEng; a society at UofG that aims to empower women in engineering. I currently sit on the committee board which has opened doors to many different opportunities for me. I enjoy undertaking odd jobs for the society such as website editing, sitting on the WES UGB board and mentoring our partner primary schools through our virtual outreach program!

It’s ok if plan A doesn’t work out – there’s always a plan B!

I am currently part of the Women's Engineering Society University Groups Board. This means that I get to meet with other WES student society reps from all over the country to support one another through our paths at Uni!

WES has opened so many doors for me; from the 2020 Annual WES Conference and the 2020 Student Conference to exclusive talks and connections throughout the engineering world.

At FemEng we work really hard towards the sustainable development goals, specifically education. We are really proud of our virtual outreach program which reached approx. 300 primary aged kids in November 2020 and are hoping to relaunch it for the spring term. I am currently the civil engineering mentor for these outreach opportunities meaning I get to lead the kids through the workshop (via youtube) then meet them after to discuss what they have learnt.

Our aim is to empower women in engineering. This also links into the 'equality' goal as we are a strong society filled with female engineering students who support one another. We host lots of socials and networking opportunities in order to encourage these relationships and encourage one another.

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