She's an Engineer- Camila Rey Da Rosa

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C.R.da Rosa

Route into engineering

I was an Occupational Health and Safety Nurse in Brazil. I used to look after employee's health until I discovered Engineering. To get where I am today, I worked as a cleaner, a carer, in catering, in coffee shops and in supermarket security.

Job description

Mechatronics Engineering Apprentice at Amazon

I help to keep all machinery, electrical and electronic systems and operationals running smoothly by doing preventive maintenance and fixing or replacing parts in case of breakdown.

A typical day at work is fault finding or finding a solution for 'why' is this problem occurring, it is fixing, maintaining and assembling parts and also clearing blockages so the operational system can perform to their best.

Listen and be curious to know and to understand how things work. Always be willing to learn from your peers. If you put hard work and effort in you will be able to achieve anything in life.

The best thing for me is to know people from different background of engineering and learn from them.

I don’t see anything as a worst thing. Everything is a learning process.

My proudest work or career achievement is where I am today, doing an apprenticeship.

The benefits are uncountable! But one of the main benefits is that you can get in contact with professionals around the world from different companies.

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