She's an Engineer - Alia Osman Mohamed Ahmed

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Route into engineering

I tried to do my best to become a well-qualified academic engineer. So I had my master degree after completion of an undergraduate degree and later my PhD in Civil Engineering.  

Job description

Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering at Sudan University of Science and Technology

Teaching at university level and supervising theses of postgraduate students in subjects relating to Civil Engineering.

Delivering lectures and attending meetings at the department.

Know the value of time to spend it in something worth. Try to learn every time new things or challenges. Be creative and ambitious.

I love creativity and excellence: exactly what makes engineering.

I love reading literature, internet and computer skills, cooking and spending times with family.

The best thing is that you spread knowledge through teaching people. You feel that you do great job.

The worst things you deal with different kind of people with different ethics  background, so you need to be very patient.