She's an Engineer- Nadine Elkhouly

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Route into engineering

During my GCSE’s I decided to take an A-Level Mathematics subject and I enjoyed doing the maths and understanding the equations behind it then I took physics and I was more interested in understanding the laws of motion and underlying concepts of moment and inertia .After passing my A-Levels with good grades I found myself wanting to get into Engineering and I was always trying to understand how fix things and make them better . So in 2015 I pursued my degree at the University of Hertfordshire in Biomedical Engineering with a year in industry. As a part of my degree I completed my placement year at TE Connectivity where I discovered my passion in automation and robotics. I worked on developing cutting edge technologies and incorporated robotic solutions along with machine vision to increase process efficiency and high productivity. It was such a great learning opportunity and it a great honour being a part of the Manufacturing Engineering team. Each member of the team taught me various hands on Engineering approaches varying from wiring a safety circuit , to CAD modeling and 3D printing and robot programming . After completing my placement year and completing my Degree with first class honours I pursued my MSc in Automation and Robotics at TU Dortmund in Germany. While pursing my masters I worked as a student Engineer at TE Dortmund and as a Student assistant in TU Dortmund’s robotics faculty. Both jobs allowed me to develop in-depth knowledge in robotics and sensors development and testing and I  got the chance to gain work experience  and skills in different industries and using different languages. And finally I came back to the UK and started working at TE Again as a Manufacturing Engineer while completing my masters degree.

An important thing I’ve learned during my Journey of becoming an Engineer is that engineering isn’t easy but the process of becoming a good engineer shapes your mind and the way you perceive and see things and that’s a beauty of it .

Job description

It is my job to design and develop automated solutions for existing manufacturing processes achieving productivity improvements using new automation technologies. The processes could vary from designing an automated quality inspection systems that incorporates 2D/3D vision , developing robotic solutions for various  manufacturing operations , incorporating machine learning techniques along with robotic grasping and vision systems for different applications and  supporting production for any urgent machine breakdowns.

My day at work is not always the same. Usually I start my day with an Engineering Team meeting in which myself and the rest of the team get to share updates and accomplishments on projects and discuss any roadblocks. After the meeting I start to work on my own projects while supporting production for any urgent breakdowns.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes , its how you'll learn and do not be afraid to speak up , you have to trust yourself and always remember that you're capable of doing whatever you set your mind to.

I enjoy what I do at work my daily tasks are exactly what I'm passionate about with regards to working on cutting edge technologies, automation projects and incorporating robotic solutions to achieve optimal process performance and savings. I love being a part of the Manufacturing Engineering team at TE Connectivity, its such a great team with very supportive talented engineers what I like the most other than working along such a great team is that I am always learning something new on various engineering aspects as well as developing my interpersonal skills.

I think the worst thing is not having enough time during the day sometimes to do everything I planned to achieve.

Moving to England and completing my Bachelors in Engineering with 1st Class Honours , Working at TE as a Placement Student Engineer in the UK, moving to Germany to complete my Automation and Robotics MSc while working 2 part time engineering jobs and Finally returning to UK and working again at TE as a Full Time Manufacturing Engineer.

I think academic research has traditionally been seen as more science focussed, and most engineering research has taken place in industry. However, I think this is now rapidly changing, which is very exciting! Globalisation and technological advances have mean that there is now increased collaboration between academia and industry, and also between various fields of STEM. I think within the next 25-50 years, more and more research will shift to being interdisciplinary, which will result in better PhD training for young engineers. I'm also hoping that these changes make research more accessible to all, and that the academic environment becomes more diverse and inclusive.

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