Sarah Iddles

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From a young age I was always interested in cars and technology, all thanks to my dad. My curiosity was piqued further during Design Technology lessons in high school. For me it was the perfect blend of maths and physics theory and hands on practical. My growing love for engineering was readily encouraged by my parents and teachers, leading me to go on to study for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Warwick University.

When I first had the call from SP Energy Networks offering me the job I couldn’t believe my ears, I was over the moon with excitement, but also a little nervous. My degree was in Mechanical Engineering, but it was an electrical based company. It turned out that I needn’t had been nervous at all. The training I received from numerous courses and advice from engineers, who are more than willing to pass on their invaluable knowledge, has been excellent.

When I finished the graduate scheme in September 2016 I was offered the position of SCADA Engineer. This role involves me working with and maintaining the control systems we use to remotely monitor the network. I was thrown into the deep end here with little to no precious knowledge of communications topology, protocols or programming but with the help and support of my new colleagues I have been able to thrive and face all the challenges presented by such a specialised role. There isn’t a day that passes where I don’t learn something new.

It just helps to show how versatile a degree in engineering is and has helped me develop my skills to no end!

Now that I have finished the graduate scheme I am aiming to further develop my knowledge base by becoming involved in the wide variety of projects on offer and working closely with key members of the team.  I am currently working on collecting the evidence necessary to apply for a CEng.

As for advice I would simply say to study what you enjoy, don’t let outdated stereotypes make you doubt yourself or your ability. Also, even though I am repeating what everyone has been told many times before, there are no stupid questions! Chances are, you aren’t the only one who is looking for more

 information, and your question will cause those involved to think differently about the topic and even possibly cause them to realise different problems/solutions.