Sam Macbeth, Senior Consultant Scotwork Negotiation Training

Sam Macbeth

Scotwork transforms the way you do business. By giving your people negotiation training that helps them hold their own and cut the right deal. And giving your business the negotiation skills and tools to be more assertive, profitable and successful. 

Sam is a Senior Consultant at Scotwork providing negotiation skills consultancy and training. He has nearly a decade of business management experience in the Oil and Gas sector; providing product and consultancy services - including risk assessment and contingency planning.  Sam managed a team of agents, distributors and sales people in Europe, Asia and Russia securing a number of lucrative contracts within these regions.

He later moved to a senior role in Engine Business Development, where he was pivotal in new product development and market launch to both existing and new customers.

In 2002, he took a fast-track MBA at Southampton University gaining a merit pass; using his subsequent skills and experience he took up the position of Head of Sales with a textile product/engineering company.  Whist there, he restructured the sales team for incremental business growth, and was instrumental in the development of the strategic plans used to guide the company towards an AIM listing.  

Sam joined Scotwork in 2005, and is employed as a Senior Consultant and Lead Tutor. He has particular expertise in Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Logistics and on-line content and services.

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