Renewing your WES membership

To renew your WES membership, click here to access your membership details online, where you will also be able to update and check that the details we hold in our membership records are accurate.

Payment options for renewing your WES membership

To pay your subscription by SagePay: Firstly, log in to your account here:

Once you have logged in to your account, follow the instructions to renew your membership online. By following the instructions through to the ‘Checkout’ stage, you will be able to pay your membership renewal fees on this secure site by the SagePay system in the normal way. You will have the option for setting up a one-off or annual payment.

To pay by bank transfer: We strongly urge you to use the Online Direct Debit option in order for us to fully benefit from the system and reduce the amount of time we spend doing administrative work. However, if you would still prefer to pay by bank transfer, please be sure to give your name and the Unique Reference Code as the reference when you make your transfer. We hope that the majority of members will use the online service to renew their membership, as we think it will be a benefit for both members and WES.

If you paid by Direct Debit last year, you may have opted for ‘auto renew’ which means your subscription will automatically renew and payment will be taken on 1 April. If you wish to cancel your membership, please let Cath know, email address If you have already paid, don’t worry, the system will have noted this and won’t seek payment a second time.

Other payment methods

Note that credit card payments can be made through the SagePay option online. If you would like to continue to pay your membership by cheque, please send your cheque to Cath Heslop at WES, Michael Faraday House, Six Hills Way, Stevenage, SG1 2AY.  WES no longer offers PayPal as a payment option.

Standing Order

Some of you will pay your membership by standing order. Direct Debit is our preferred option, but if you would like to continue to pay by standing order we are asking that you set up a new standing order with your new unique reference code that can be found online. Without this code your payment will not link automatically to your membership. To obtain the code, renew your subscription online and request the payment method Bank Transfer, the website will show the following:


Thank you for joining the Women’s Engineering Society. We look forward to receiving your payment

You now need to transfer £ to this account.

Account name: Woman's Engineering Society

Account number: 30984760

Sort Code: 20-71-74



Please make sure you use the above reference on your standing order.

Should you have any questions about the above, please contact Cath Heslop at