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WES South Coast collaboration with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE): New ICE series to celebrate engineers of all abilities 

The new online event series, organised by the Kent and East Sussex branch of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), will shine a spotlight on people with disabilities and impairments who have carved out a successful career in the engineering industry.  

Starting on 20 January 2021, the first talk ‘How to nurture neurodiversity at work and why it matters’ will be delivered by Martin Griffin, a geotechnical engineer with COWI who is neurodivergent, autistic and partially sighted.  

This series aims to celebrate their achievements, how different abilities contribute to the industry, show the careers available in engineering and provide role models for young people, particularly those who may have a disability or impairment. 

If you have a story to share that you think would be a good fit for the series or know some who does, please contact me,  Sue Hawkes XXX  

As Chair of the ICE Kent and East Sussex branch, my aim is to bridge the gap between education and industry by showing students from different backgrounds and abilities that engineering is a rewarding career which provides opportunities to make a difference to the world we live in. 


WES South Coast collaboration with Southampton University's Women in Engineering Society

WES South Coast in collaboration with the Southampton University's Women in Engineering Society are looking for people who might be willing to do online technical talks or to be panellists in online talks for the University’s society members. If anyone is interested please contact HantsandDorset@wes.org.uk.


Presentation by Sue Hawkes on her job as CAD Technician and outreach work *Virtual*

When: 23rd September 2020

Where: Microsoft Teams

Description: Sue Hawkes, EngTech MICE will be giving a presentation to the cluster about her job and outreach work. A few words from Sue: "I have worked most of my adult life as a CAD Technician with a big chunk of time combined with being an office manager, but the last 8 years I have spent solely as a CAD Technician. I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to the Institution of Civil Engineers and through that have achieved my EngTech qualification which has given me a greater understanding of what a Technician really is. I am proud to be the Technician Representative for both the Kent and East Sussex branch and the South East region of the ICE and it is my intention to apply for Fellowship for my work as both CAD Technician and Technician Champion in order to become a role model for future technicians. For my presentation I would like to talk about my job as a CAD Technician in the form of a poem which I recently wrote followed by a talk about the role of Technicians in industry today. I am passionate about a career as a Technician and through my outreach work, hope to encourage boys/men and girls/women to consider the role of Technician as a possible career path. Technicians are an integral part of industry today and without them, things could be a lot harder, but their role is not widely publicised. I want to put the role of Technician firmly on the map."


Seeing through the Seas *Virtual*

When: 23rd September 2020

Where: Online - sign up below to get link

Description: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/seeing-through-the-seas-tickets-119292574301


Strengths Coaching Club *Virtual*

When: July - August 2020

Where: Microsoft Teams 

Description: WES South Coast Cluster is running a Strengths Coaching Club by Jan Peters for 6 weeks over the summer starting in July 2020. Those who would like to register should do so by completing this form (https://forms.office.com/Pages/DesignPage.aspx#FormId=HcgvHJuBPUmzDoYFqUZIiYqO7mZWHN9ItGU_ujm-rWBUOFAxUVhMUTUwMDBKNDFWUElGTkZCNkxFMCQlQCN0PWcu&Token=fb8e572539ed4e5c9eb62bf7eae7b5e8). When you sign up can you please complete the doodle poll with your availability: https://doodle.com/poll/r4p5vnsv89peng3y Participation in the club is free but participants will need to pay £20 upfront to take the CliftonStrengths Assessment or share their profile in advance if they already have it. The Club will meet for an hour a week for 6 weeks. Participation lets you name your Top 5 themes, take ownership of how you use your dominant talents and explore ways of mastering them. Find out more about CliftonStrengths from Gallup https://www.gallup.com/cliftonstrengths/en/253868/popular-cliftonstrengths-assessment-products.aspx and on the Katalytik website https://www.katalytik.co.uk/services/strengths/.


The Non-Trivial Quiz *Virtual*

When: Wednesdays 4.30-5.00

Description: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-non-trivial-quiz-tickets-110623626244?fbclid=IwAR2GeKdZ8ZeVCp0k_7P2zJSD_gWdHJhewuKV7dDBFRmx2U8IGxQgY-iCShk


WES Hants and Dorset Cluster Members - Catch-up *Virtual*

When: 16 June 2020, 18:00-18:30

Where: Microsoft Teams 


Women4.0 Celebrating the Women Making the Fourth Industrial Revolution

When: 10th March 2020

Where: Barclays Eagle Labs, Bournemouth

Description: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/women40-celebrating-the-women-making-the-fourth-industrial-revolution-tickets-88274696995

First meeting for 2020