Professor Abigail Sellen


Professor Sellen is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge UK and Co-Manager of Socio-Digital Systems, an interdisciplinary group with a focus on the human perspective in computing.

She graduated with a PhD in Cognitive Science, and has a Masters in Industrial Engineering.  Her career has mainly spanned industrial research labs, such as Apple Computer, Xerox’s Cambridge Research Centre and Hewlett Packard, Bristol.

Professor Sellen has published over 100 articles in Human-Computer Interaction, as well as books and book chapters.  This includes “The Myth of the Paperless Office” with co-author Richard Harper, which won an IEEE award for distinguished literary contributions furthering engineering professionalism.

She is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Professor of Interaction at the University of Nottingham, a member of the ACM CHI Academy, and in 2011 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering for recognition of her contributions to the field of Human-Computer Interaction. 

In addition to her academic and industrial research, over the years she has been very active presenting seminars and lectures to students, especially women, in an attempt to stimulate their interest in Computing and Engineering.  Examples include a Foundation Day lecture at a local girls’ school, lectures at Microsoft Research's annual “Think Computer Science” event for 6th formers, a lecture at the “Women in CS” society at the University of Cambridge, and hosting her laboratory's Arkwright Scholars every year.