Pioneering Women Engineers

Women have been doing it for decades, some people just haven't noticed.

Be inspired by the pioneers and early adopters who helped to shape our society such as those who built Waterloo Bridge in London, Sheffield's 'Women of Steel' and the women of Bletchley Park. See also the Wiki page Women in Engineering.

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Women in Space  are the historic heroines, the modern marvels working in the space industry today and the female engineers who help propel the astronauts into space.

1770-1852 Sarah Guppy (bridge patentee) She was an inventor who contributed to the design of Britain's infrastructure and developed several domestic products. In 1811 she patented the first of her inventions, a method of making safe piling for bridges. 1770-1852

1885-1969 Alice Perry (civil engineer, Eire) graduated with a first class honours degree in Civil Engineering from Queen's College Galway (now NUI, Galway) in 1906. It is understood that she is the first woman to graduate with a degree in engineering in Ireland or Great Britain

1894-1978 Victoria Drummond (ship engineer) was the first woman marine engineer in Britain and first woman member of Institute of Marine Engineers

1895-1957 Dame Caroline Haslett DBE, JP was the first secretary of the Women's Engineering Society as well as first director of the Electrical Association for Women(which she co-founded) which pioneered such wonders as the "All-Electric House" in Bristol in 1935

1899-1985 Dorothy Donaldson Buchanan the first female member of the Institution of Civil Engineers

1909-1990 Beatrice Shilling (aero engineer) was an aeronautical engineer who was responsible for correcting a serious defect in the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine during the Second World War. She also was a well-known racing motorcyclist. 1909-1990

1914-1997 Mary Fergusson was the first female fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, elected in 1957

1937-2001 Delia Derbyshire (electronic music engineer)

Elizabeth Georgeson (mechanical and chemical engineer)