Lottie's week with Lizzie the Robot at Instron

Lottie Lizzie 1On Tuesday Lottie and Lizzie learnt what a transducer is and how a strain gauge works when they helped to manufacture a load cell together.

Lottie Lizzie 2Lottie and Lizzie spent Wednesday with Maeve Higham who sits on the Women’s Engineering Society Young Member’s Board, together they used an Instron ElectroPuls testing system to tensile test the properties of recycled plastic specimens. They calculated the young’s modulus and ultimate tensile strength of the plastic to determine if it would be strong enough for Busy Lizzie’s new casing.

Lottie Lizzie 3On Thursday Lizzie helped Lottie and Instron software engineers code a new calculation for Instron’s WaveMatrix software, the calculation will help Instron customers comply to a new testing standard.

Lottie Lizzie 4Lottie and Lizzie ended the week on the Instron factory floor, helping hydraulic fitters to assemble a 250kN testing grip, they even got to operate a crane to ensure the grip was lifted safely.

Lottie Lizzie 5