Lottie's week with Kate

Lottie's week with Kate Mactear - Graduate Engineer, UK Sport Technology Partnership

Lottie Kate 1Lottie and I started the week with a talk at Bristol University. We brought along some of the kit we have designed for UK Sport to show Engineering students how we help out the athletes. One of the pieces we took was a racing wheelchair wheel which we re-designed and made it stiffer and lighter. Outreach is a really important part of Engineering as it helps students and school children to understand what Engineering involves and some of the really interesting projects you can be part of!

Lottie Kate 2We attended a graduate training course. This involves all BAE Systems graduates, Engineers, Project Managers, Procurement, Commercial, coming together and learning about different personality types and how it can affect our work. We used the MBTI and learnt different techniques for effective working. This is a helpful tool for teamwork which is an essential part of Engineering.

Lottie Kate 3We also did some development work on 3D visualization techniques. This was used for the Triathlon Test event in this year’s Olympic games. We are trying to use these techniques in other sports and developing the technology we already have. We received a new delivery of GoPro dual camera systems which is a very effective way of filming in 3D.

Lottie Kate 4