Lottie’s Tour of HICSE

Submitted by Sophie Hutchins on 4 Nov 2018 - 17:59

Hello Everyone!

This week I’ve been in Bradford on Avon, spending time with the engineers of HICSE. I hadn’t heard of HICSE before, but Mel and Dee explained that they’re part of the Hitachi family, and their full company name is ‘Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe Ltd’.

They also explained that HICSE are a company which help to keep our trains running, and without their software and knowhow, people wouldn’t be able to get to work, visit their friends, or have days out in exciting new places.

I’d bought both my hard hat and Hi Viz jacket with me (safety first at all times in the rail industry!), but these engineers were office and laboratory based, so protective clothes weren’t needed. Despite this, I took the opportunity to get a few photos of me wearing my kit – I hope you like them!

Next I was shown around the company’s onsite lab – wow! It was full of big, noisy machines with lots of flashing lights, computer screens beeping everywhere, and loads and loads of cables and plugs. I made sure I got lots of photos of me with the equipment – and no, I wasn’t allowed to touch anything without supervision!!

Before leaving I made a new friend called Howard. He let me sit on his shoulder whilst he worked – have a look at the photo! I was sad when I had to leave HICSE, but I’m looking forward to my next adventure, and to making more new friends.


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Bye and thanks HICSE – especially Mel, Dee and Howard!!

Lottie xx