Lottie tour at the ODE office in Cairo

Lottie tour at the ODE office in Cairo

By Adriana Vargas

Lottie in Cairo 1As a process safety engineer, I am based in the ODE (Offshore Design Engineering) London office, however I have been offered a short secondment in the ODE Cairo office which I started, with excitement, since the beginning of October. I also brought Robot Girl Lottie with me to accompany me in this new experience.

Lottie in Cairo 3During my week at work with Lottie:

  • We carried out software work to find out the resulting temperatures produced by a new equipment at an installation in the Egyptian dessert
  • We started work to find new solutions for purifying the water for a process in the dessert
  • We worked together with female and male Egyptian engineers on different projects
  • We organised a site visit for one of our engineers and prepared the visit’s safety evaluation
  • We met clients at their offices and provided a verbal report on the development on several projects
  • At the weekend, we travelled to the beach by the Gulf of Suez and visited the legendary Giza pyramids

odeIt was a great experience receiving Lottie at the ODE office in Cairo, and especially being part of this outreach project. This is what the Deputy Projects Manager in the ODE Cairo office, Paul Hatfield, thought of having Lottie around the office: “It has been a pleasure to have Lottie with us working in Egypt, and everyone here has enjoyed being able to share their engineering learning experiences with Lottie whilst also hearing of her fantastic adventure.”