Judith Driscoll BScEng, PhD, FREng

Judith Driscoll BScEng, PhD, FREng

Judith Driscoll is a Professor in the Materials Science Dept. at the University of Cambridge. Her research is in the area of oxide electronic materials. She has been a visiting staff member at Los Alamos National Lab for 15 years.Image removed.

Judith obtained her BScEng in Materials Science from Imperial College, winning the Governors’ Prize. She was a Dee Scholar at the University of Cambridge where she earned her PhD. She was an IBM Fellow for her postdoctoral research at Stanford University and IBM Almaden. She was a lecturer at Imperial College from 8 years. She moved to Cambridge in 2003 and is Full Professor there.  She is a Fellow of Trinity College and also a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, American Physical Society, the Materials Research Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering.  In 2015, she won the Institute of Physics Joule Medal, and the Royal Academy of Engineering Armourers and Brasiers Prize. In 2017, she won the IEEE James Wong award and in 2018 the Kroll Medal from the Institute of Materials.

Judith has published over 400 research papers which have been cited more than 17,000 times. She has more than 10 patents, several of which have been taken up by industry. She is also Founding Editor (in 2013) of the journal, APL Materials, from the American Institute of Physics. She has Chaired many leading committees (prizes and committees) for learned societies across the world.