Dr Jo Douglas-Harris

Cluster Co-ordinator

Dr Jo Douglas-Harris is a Product and Applications Scientist at Venator, specialising in the development of titanium dioxide pigments for coatings. Prior to this, she worked for British Sugar as a Process Scientist. Jo completed a master’s degree in Chemistry in 2013 at the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2017 at the University of Bath. Her PhD was sponsored by Unilever researching fabric cleaning and laundry detergents.

Jo was one of the founding members of WESBath, the University of Bath Student Women’s Engineering Society. In March 2015, Jo was elected as the Chair of WESBath, and joined WES council in October 2015. Jo took on the role of Student Groups and Universities Liaison from October 2015 to January 2019, managing the growing number of WES affiliated student groups. In June 2016, Jo formed the WES Early Careers Board (formerly called the Young Members Board), a group of 12 early career female engineers, and chaired this board for two years. During her time as chair the ECB redesigned the WES poster for secondary school age students, ran an essay competition, and supported the Centenary Manager in a successful Heritage Lottery Funding bid. Jo has organised #LottieTour for three years, growing this project from 10 WES volunteers in its first year to over 150 engineers in 2018.

Jo Douglas