Jackie Longworth


Jackie graduated with a degree in Physics and began a career in the nuclear electricity generating industry. Joining an Applied Physics team, she had to learn quickly about chemical engineering, fluid mechanics, materials, radiological safety and other engineering disciplines – at least enough to understand the safety case for a nuclear power station.

Over the course of her 34 years in the industry, she researched how radioactive materials were transported around systems in the event of an accident, helped analyse the causes and consequences of incidents at operating power plants, and advised public inquiries on potential new plants. She became a senior manager in a health, safety and environment department and pushed through the process for managing the safety risks associated with organisational change.

She was also active both in her Trade Union (then the Engineers and Managers Association, becoming its first woman President) and in the Women’s Engineering Society (becoming President in around 2000).

Since her retirement in 2001, Jackie has continued to champion the cause of women’s equality through WES and as a member of local, regional and national campaigning groups. She has been active on the South West TUC Executive, representing them on the SW Regional Assembly (which she went on to chair) and the sustainable development charity Sustainability SW. She is Chair of the women's equality network Fair Play SW, representing them on the Board of charity Equality SW, which she also chaired until August 2010. More locally, Jackie has represented WES on the SETPOINT Board in Gloucestershire. She has recently joined the management committee of the Women's Budget Group and the Women's Forum in Bristol. In all these activities she has championed the cause of women specifically, and more generally, the poor and vulnerable.