J McCann and Co

J McCann & Co Limited is a leading civil and electrical engineering construction company that has operated throughout the UK on major road, rail and airport infrastructure projects for public and private sector clients for over 50 years. We provide our clients with integrated infrastructure solutions that meet business needs and exceed expectations each and every time. With a large, highly skilled, directly employed workforce, supported by extensive specialised plant fleet we are able to take on and deliver the most demanding of projects to programme and budget. 

We fully recognise our social/community responsibility and always strive to build a diverse, safe and sustainable entity that is environmentally responsible. 

J McCann & Co Limited believes those who have the presence and power to bring about positive change have a duty to act. J McCann & Co Limited has delivered exemplary service and solutions for over 50 years and as the industry’s knowledge of equality, diversity, inclusion and social values has developed, so too has our determination to become a positive example, leading from the front for positive change. 
The Women’s Engineering Society has been an amazing resource of collaboration, forward-thinking and a socially conscious organisation with much to offer in the way of learning and best practice knowledge for many decades. 
We believe that partnership with WES is key to creating a fully inclusive environment and workforce and will support J McCann in becoming an industry leader in gender equality and exemplar employer of choice for women in engineering. 

We are proud and honoured to be Partners with WES.