Event Directors' Committee

The aim of the Event DC is to support WES staff by suggesting themes, speakers and potential venues for upcoming events, and advising on what female engineers may be interested in. The role of the DC members is to support the activities of the WES staff. Members of the DC may be asked to approach potential venues and potential speakers.

The Events Group is made up of the WES staff member, at least one and a maximum of two trustees, and other members of WES. The maximum number of members who can join the group is eight and does not include the WES staff member or Trustee(s). The WES staff member and Chair may decide to add a maximum of two additional members to the group throughout the year if their skills are deemed to be necessary for the group.

Current chair: Katherine Critchley

Current Secretary: Kim Everitt

Meet the members of the committee

  1. Elections to the committee occur annually in January and remain open until the end of February.  There is an option to co-opt members throughout the year should there be a vacancy.
  2. Please complete the application form and view the Terms of Reference
  3. All fully paid up Members of WES are eligible to sit on the committee. Successful applicants to the committee are passionate and committed members of WES, but membership grade, length of membership and careers stage are in no way barriers to participation. Applicants must able to attend monthly one hour meetings; willing to partake in lively discussion as well as take ownership of one-off actions or projects associated with the committee.

Want to know more?  Contact the Chair, Katherine Critchley, at waleswescluster@wes.org.uk or CEO Elizabeth Donnelly at elizabeth.donnelly@wes.org.uk.