Engineering Placements

As an employer, placement students offer you:

  • excellent employees without long-term commitment
  • an opportunity to fill a temporary vacancy or get help with a project
  • a chance to raise your profile on campus among a future graduate workforce
  • opportunities to develop links with the University, which may lead to joint research
  • access to high quality future graduates

Placements typically start in June, July or August and last for 12 months. They are usually taken as part of a degree but can also be taken before starting a degree. See the following links for further information.

Are you looking for work experience?  WES recommends that you contact companies who advertise internships for university students as they may be more likely to take people on for a short period of time to learn about a job/the industry they are in. Ask to shadow an engineer, mention you are looking for unpaid work and give an idea of when you'd be available.  Still having problems finding a placement?  Do get in touch with us and we can reach out to our members in your area to see if anyone can help you.