The Lady Finniston Awards Are Closed Until Further Notice

Please read the following carefully before completing an application form.

The WES Lady Finniston Awards are open to female UK residents who:

a) have a conditional or unconditional place to study on the first year of a degree or HND course in an electronic, IT or electrical engineering subject at a UK University or College (this can include a Foundation year on an fully integrated degree program but not Access courses or free standing Foundation years);

b) intend to work as an engineer in the UK after completion of their course;

c) without the award would be unable to take up their place on the course due to inadequate financial support OR would suffer undue hardship (see below) if they did so OR have particular circumstances other than financial which mean that additional support is needed.

Financial Hardship

General Info: All applicants for the Lady Finniston Awards should expect to have to take out a student loan to support themselves at University. The need to do so does not of itself qualify as "hardship". If your parents/spouse are able and willing to pay whatever means-tested fee and maintenance element the LEA assesses they should contribute, and if there are no other exceptional circumstances, then the WES Lady Finniston award is NOT applicable to you.

If, however, there are reasons why your parents or spouse will not or cannot contribute their assessed share, or if there are special circumstances pertaining to your case, then you may be eligible. Such cases might include refusal of parents to complete the LEA income assessment form or to pay their assessed contribution, high child-care costs etc. This is not an exhaustive list and if you believe your circumstances warrant, you should apply.

Applicants are expected to research all other potential sources of funding and claim all allowances and loans for which they are eligible. Note that the Lady Finniston awards (£500 - £1000 in 2005) are only meant to "top-up" standard student support and will not be sufficient on their own.

Other Sources of Funding: Full-time students are expected to make a financial contribution towards the cost of tuition fees. Maintenance grants and loans are available. Independent students are assessed on their own finances or on that of their spouses. Additional allowances are available for dependants, lone parents, disabled students, carers, etc. Students with dependants should investigate their position with respect to benefits and it is strongly recommended they contact their University's student welfare office in advance for advice. The following sources of information may be useful.

Directgov provides information on student finance and the Department for Education and Skills website provides further information.

The Welsh Assembly Government website provides information for students in Wales and the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) covers Scotland, while students in Northern Ireland should refer to their Education and Library Board or the student support service

Students in Scotland are of course eligible for the Women Engineering Society's Doris Gray Scholarship