Donna Cairney

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Name: Donna Cairney

Company: Johnson Controls – ADT

Type of Engineer: Install Engineer – Security Industry

I have been employed by Johnson Controls - ADT for a number of years, I started when I left the army.  My career with the company started in the Alarm Centre in Manchester, from there I moved to the Customer Experience Team, and was working within the Technical Support Department within 18 months.  I would be speaking with engineers on a daily basis and soon thought “I could do that!”  What I love about my job is that every morning I go to work, do my job and can come home each evening with the satisfaction that things have been fixed.

I am a ‘People Person’, I enjoy meeting new people and get an opportunity to do so every single day within my job.  The people that I meet are often vulnerable in some way, and I provide a security alarm service that makes them feel safe.  That’s the part of the job that gives me the ‘funny feeling’.

In terms of my career aspirations I would like to become a Field Line Manager within the business and get the opportunity to share the knowledge of what I have learned on the job with up and coming engineers.

The tips and advice that I would give to someone who was thinking of becoming an engineer is to keep an open mind about the job you want to get into.  I find that can lead you onto an amazing career path.  You also need to really want to learn, and continue learning throughout your career.  Some of the CCTV systems that I work with are extremely complex and the technology is ever-changing, so you need to have a passion for learning within this career.  You should also always ask questions.  Within Johnson Controls - ADT I am part of an excellent team, there will always be someone at the end of the phone who is willing to help you out.