Diversity in Print

This is a charter to encourage the representation of greater diversity in engineering printed matter.

Diversity is low in engineering. In the UK only 7% of the enigneering workforce are women. But we would like to change this, and show engineering as a welcoming place for women.

Editors of engineering publications have their part to play in this, and they can do this simply by representing the engineering sector as a diverse place to work - even though the reality is still somewhat different.

The idea of this is that if we can represent what we are trying to achieve by taking such a simple small step, this might encourage larger more difficult changes to follow. It's the philosophy of 'fake it til you make it'.

If you are a Magazine or Journal Editor

 So what we are advocating, if you are a journal editor or contributor, is simple:

Before going to print, check that you have sufficient representation of female, BAME and other minority groups represented in your publication. And if you don't, make some changes.

It's as simple as that. And if you are finding it hard to get the images that you need, please get in touch with us at info@wes.org.uk. I am sure we can help.

Editors who have adopted this charter are welcome to use the Diveristy Champion Logo.

If you are a Magazine or Journal Reader

If you are a reader and come across a magazine or journal which does not have sufficient representation of diversity, please feel free to email the editor with the following polite reminder.

Dear Editor,
I am concerned about the lack of diversity in your journal. In the <May> issue of <Advanced Manufacturing> I noted that there are over 31 pictures of male engineers (not including the adverts) and only one picture of a female engineer. The effect of this on women is that they feel unwelcome in the world of Advanced Manufacturing, and I am sure that this is not your intention. Please would you consider showing a greater representation of diversity in your subsequent journals. You may wish to sign up the Women's Engineeirng Society initiative 'Diversity in Print' and be eligible to use the logo Diversity Champion. Further details at www.wes.org.uk/diversityinprint.
Best regards
<your name>

Other Diversity Pledges

This pledge is part of a series of simple charters to encourage diveristy in engineering, others being: