How can WES support you through the COVID-19 crisis?

WES recognises that we are all affected by the impact of COVID-19 and the government's response, and that our Members will be affected in different ways.  We have brought together in this page ways that WES can help and support our Members.

Be part of WES Networks to make the most of your membership

Contact a cluster co-ordinator or follow them on social media.  Read more

Join our events

The WES Clusters are moving their events online.  They are providing a mix of technical webinars, soft skills webinars and virtual social meetings (all are welcome no matter which area of the UK you reside) - see list of events 
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Get support and guidance

Do you have a question about an area of engineering?  Or have a question about something at work or in your career?  WES has Members at all career stages and across many sectors/disciplines who are willing to help their fellow WES Members. Contact our Membership Department  at and they will assist you.  Alternatively, contact your local Cluster Co-ordinator or the Early Careers Board.

Empowering you during the pandemic

FurLearn are obsessively passionate about empowering, inspiring, and uplifting furloughed and job-searching UK talent during the uncertainty of the global pandemic. Resources available here:

You can also contact the Professional Engineering Institutions who are offering support and training for their Members. 

Your rights during the pandemic

Pregnant women and mothers have been adversely affected by social distancing measures and school closures, with a greater economic impact on women who are more likely to be expected to take on traditional gender roles. Pregnant Then Screwed can offer support here:

Are you considering taking legal action due to a situation at work?

Find out how WES members can get a free consultation with mfg Solicitors Read more 
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Need any careers guidance?

All WES Members are able to contact HR specialist Natalie Desty for careers guidance.  Please email her at  Natalie is happy to be contacted by women engineers at all stages of their career.

Other women share their experiences of returning or transferring within engineering Read more

And don't forget - view our members area for more!