Communications Directors' Committee

The Communications DC aims to develop and deliver strategy for comms in line with the strategic direction set by the CEO and the Board. The composition of the DC will be made up of representatives from each of the other Directors' Committees in order to facilitate collaboration and the execution of the objectives below.

  • Continuous improvement in effectiveness and clarity of internal communication between trustees, boards, director committees, staff and WES membership.
  • Continuous improvement in effectiveness and clarity of external communication to members, partners and non-members.
  • Continuous review of strategy and effective methods of communication with all types of stakeholders
  • Provide an advisory service to WES, based on feedback and awareness of what is happening out in the wider engineering community
  • Provide support and enlist others to provide ‘focus groups’ on different topics
  • Provide valuable opinions and suggestions as serving engineers and members of WES on what members would like to know / have opportunities to do
  • Assist with priority setting for comms projects

Meet the members of the committee

Jennifer Glover

MEng (Hons), EngTech, MIMechE MWES, AFHEA
Member of Directors’ Committee