Carmen Zaragoza

Image removed.Carmen Zaragoza is an industrial engineer specialised in energy with a Master of Science in renewable energy technologies (MSc). Passionate about the energy sector and its constant evolution, she works as a gas turbine global solutions engineer in an international company and has accrued 5 years’ working experience in the sector. She was initially drawn into Engineering by her curiosity and desire to learn how things work. Carmen believes in Engineering as a means to solve global challenges and a way to adapt to the new worldwide shifts shaping business and society such as the energy supply crisis. She has been an active STEM ambassador since 2014 supporting a variety of activities.


I am very excited to be part of  the WES Young Members Board. I believe it is a great platform to reflect the experiences of female engineers at early and mid-career stage. I would like to use this opportunity to work actively within engineering to identify and address the different issues affecting the profession. I would like to get a better understanding of the issues behind the low retention figures of women in the profession and the challenges that female engineers face. Only by getting a good understanding of the issue we can work together with the industry to implement solutions. And of course, WES is a great platform to meet and support inspirational female engineers