WES Clusters

WES regional activity is organised through a network of Clusters run by WES Members throughout the UK, with the aim to connect Members locally, increase the number of women engineers we can reach and support, encourage girls into engineering and generally increase our reach at a local level.

Cluster Groups

The Cluster regions are listed below.

  • Cumbria and Lancashire Facebook Cluster co-ordinator: Sophie Morris (nee Dent) (email: cumbria@1919.wes.org.uk)
  • Herts, Beds and Bucks Facebook Cluster co-ordinator: Kim Everitt (Email: weshertsbeds@gmail.com)
  • Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire and Somerset Cluster co-ordinator: Nicola Grahamslaw (email bristolandbath@1919.wes.org.uk)
  • London LinkedIn Cluster co-ordinator: Carolina Escudero (email: londoncluster@wes.org.uk)
  • Manchester Twittter Cluster co-ordinator: Liz Rickard (email: manchester@1919.wes.org.uk)
  • Merseyside and Wirral Cluster co-ordinator: Elaine Meskhi and Rosti Readioff (email: merseyside@1919.wes.org.uk)
  • Nottinghamshire (Facebook) Cluster co-ordinator: Suzanne Smith (Email: notts@1919.wes.org.uk)
  • Scotland (Facebook) Cluster co-ordinator: Lorna Bennet (Email: WES.Scotland@gmail.com)
  • Midlands Cluster co-ordinator Naomi Green (email: midlands@1919.wes.org.uk)
  • South Coast (covering Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire) Cluster co-ordinator Helen Hadlington (Email helen.hadlington.wes@gmail.comWebsite
  • Surrey and Sussex Cluster co-ordinator: Rhiannon Vaughan-Jones (Email: surreyandsussex@1919.wes.org.uk)
  • Thames and Chiltern Cluster co-ordinator: Pamela Farries (Email: thames@1919.wes.org.uk)
  • Wales Cluster co-ordinator Milada Williams and Katherine Critchley (Email: wales@1919.wes.org.uk)
  • Yorkshire Cluster including Sheffield (Facebook | LinkedIn) Cluster co-ordinator Clare Walsh (Email: yorkshire@1919.wes.org.uk)
  • Northern Ireland Cluster co-ordinator Erin Carr (Email: northernireland@1919.wes.org.uk )
  • Kent Cluster co-ordinator Elena van Boolen (Email: kent@1919.wes.org.uk)
  • Tees and Tyneside Cluster co-ordinator Maggie Rawling

Norfolk and Suffolk
Thames and Chiltern - assistant Cluster Co-ordinator sought
West Country (Taunton, Devon, Cornwall)
Heart of England (Coventry, Warwickshire, Hereford and Worcestershire)
East Anglia

A number of activities for the cluster co-ordinator to look after have been identified:
• Know the engineering scene in your area, and make contacts. Get yourself known as the WES ambassador for the locality, and engage with companies with a view to organising visits, using their facilities for evening lectures and networking events
• Distribute local information to members.
• Increase membership. 
• Link with other local relevant organisations and where relevant join together to organise events
• Engage with local schools and FE colleges to see whether they need help with encouraging girls into engineering, and make use of the STEM ambassador programme to help provide the resources
• Make your own agenda for change, and be as active as your imagination (and time) allows.

Daphnet The mailing list for and about women in science, engineering and technology, including women returning to paid work after a career break. Great for advice and discussion.

Any enquiries related to these vacant cluster areas should be directed to Cath at the WES office: info@wes.org.uk

If you would like to volunteer as a cluster co-ordinator, or to help your local co-ordinator, then please contact the WES office on info@wes.org.uk.