Is your PPE fit for purpose?

WES are running a project aimed at providing correctly fitting PPE to both women and men across the engineering industry. Firstly in order to gauge the true extent of the problem we are conducting a nationwide survey to find out your experience of PPE. Whether you wear it daily or only occasionally we would like to hear your thoughts. Complete the survey below. Deadline Extended until 31 January 2024

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The Women’s Engineering Society ran an email survey of PPE suppliers in 2006 which was summed up by one company as “we know this is an issue, but it isn't a priority". As a result, WES ran the Purple Boots campaign in 2009-10 to survey women engineers' experience of PPE, determine which elements of PPE were problematic and what could be improved. The majority of PPE worn by the 600 women respondents (75%) was designed for men. Only 8% wore PPE designed for women. In 2016 WES reran the survey with the TUC and there was an improvement to 71% of female respondents wearing PPE designed for men. Therefore WES are going to be running a project aimed at providing correctly fitting PPE to both men and women across the engineering industry. To find out the extent of the problem we are asking as many as people as possible to complete the survey which will be open until the end of January 2024.

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