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National Women in Engineering Day (NWED)

National Women in Engineering Day (NWED)

National Women in Engineering Day - 23 June 2015 - a day dedicated to raising the profile and celebrating the achievements of women in engineering.

Congratulations to everybody who took place in NWED2014. Start planning your activity for 2015 now.

The impact analysis of the day in 2014 can ben seen here.

Get involved and help create as many events and opportunities as possible to spread the word that engineering offers as many opportunites for women as men. Simply organise an event on or around this day.

Have a look at the NWED website for further details and to see all of the events.

This page contains advice and links to access more information that you can also download as a pdf at the bottom of the page:

  • Overview of NWED
  • Events
  • Press information
  • How to get involved? Advice for schools, universities, companies, PEIs and other organisations
  • How to find a woman engineer to speak
  • Feedback form for event organisers
  • Feedback form for event participants
  • Event notification form
  • Stickers and logos
  • Useful Statistics
  • Careers information

National Women in Engineering Day has been set up by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) to celebrate its 95th anniversary. On 23 June 2014 WES wants to focus attention on the great opportunities for women in engineering, at a time when it has never been more important to address the engineering skills shortage. By encouraging girls into engineering careers we will not only be increasing diversity and inclusion – a business imperative – but enabling us to fill the substantial future job opportunities that have been predicted in this sector.
The idea behind National Women in Engineering Day is to encourage all groups (Governmental, educational, corporate, Professional Engineering Institutions, individuals and other organisations) to organise their own events in support of the day, and link them together for maximum impact through the use of the NWED logo, corresponding website, and supporting resources.

We suggest organisers get as much publicity for their events as possible, to get ‘engineering’ and ‘girls’ (or women!) into the same sentence as often as possible, and to start to raise the profile of an engineering career as a great choice, with an exciting future, and amazing opportunities.

Target Groups:

  • Government
  • Educational
  • Corporate
  • Professional Engineering Institutions
  • Other organisations in the Sector
  • Individuals
  • Press

Resource Pack
A resource pack is available to download (below) or request from the WES office by contacting info@wes.org.uk. Stickers to schools will be available shortly. Contents of the resource pack are shown in the Overview document.

What You Can Do

Below are some ideas of the type of things you could consider doing to celebrate this day. Please let us know what you are planning so that we can measure the impact of the day. Download the banners and logos here.

If you are a company or organisation in the engineering sector here are some of the things you could do:

  • Organise a lecture or networking event
  • Organise an industrial visit
  • Open your doors to local school children and parents, with an emphasis on encouraging girls to attend
  • Launch a Women's Network
  • Arrange a social event for your women engineers
  • Carry out an equal pay audit in your organisation
  • Review your Diversity and Inclusion policies to ensure that you are are doing as much as possible to ensure Diversity
  • Put on an Unconscious Bias training session for your staff
  • Register your women engineers to speak at schools (on the WES Register of Women Engineers, or Inspiring the Future - campaign code NWED - or as STEMNET Ambassadors)

If you work in a School:

  • Invite a local woman engineer to give a talk to your students on what they do in engineering (through WES, Inspiring the Future or STEMNET Ambassadors )
  • Organise a lunchtime or after school activity to encourage girls in engineering (see our suggestions HERE)
  • Visit a local engineering employer and make sure you take as many girls as boys
  • Launch a competition to encourage innovation
  • Review your careers advice and literature to ensure that you are giving your students the best possible independent advice on non-traditional careers
  • Audit your science teaching to ensure that it is gender neutral (see IoP Guidelines)
  • Organise some training for your science teachers on careers in engineering
  • Hold a STEM careers event for your students

If you are a Woman Engineer:

  • Register to speak at schools (with WES, with Inspiring the Future - campaign code NWED - or as STEMNET Ambassadors)
  • Contact your local school and invite yourself to meet their pupils or become a school Governor
  • Encourage your Company or Organisation to carry out some of the activities above
  • Make a film or video of what you do and load it to YouTube or your webpage
  • Tweet about your job #whatengineersdo or about your plans for the day #nwed
  • Write a biography for our She's an Engineer feature
  • Join and volunteer to work with WES

Good luck with your planning, and do keep us informed of what you are doing via info@wes.org.uk.

Register here to receive our monthly newsletter for further ideas in the build up to this day.

Resources for Schools - find ideas for school projects and activities here.


The NWED logo was kindly designed by Clear Mapping Co. Banners and Logos can be downloaded here.


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