What we do

What does the Women’s Engineering Society do?

Connecting – at one of our WES events, including the Annual Conference and Caroline Haslett Lecture

Participate – join your local cluster to meet other WES members, attend local WES events, hear local news and voluntary opportunities.

Personal growth – join MentorSET and become a mentor or mentee.

  • Receive the latest news and insights straight to your door in our quarterly Journal.
  • Get involved with WES Projects and WES Council
  • WES is a membership society. Be part of a wider network of female engineers through our social media links.

Is WES still needed?

Yes,  the number of women in engineering in the UK is less than 10%, the lowest rate in Europe.

There is still much to do to support engineering and technology employers to increase diversity and to enable women in the UK to take up opportunities in engineering.

Does WES really make a difference?

We think we do - NWED16 was a resounding success, so much so that we are going international with INWED17.

Created and co-ordinated by WES, INWED (International Women in Engineering Day) celebrates the achievements of women in engineering and encourages more girls to consider engineering careers.

Out background work advocating gender diversity in engineering has made a difference to government policies.

How is WES supporting students?

With a sell-out annual student conference.  More and more student groups are affiliating with WES, creating a nationwide network of female engineering students.

Does WES get involved with schools?

Yes, we encourage our members to approach schools to speak about their career.  We offer advice and support to schools, and maintain a publicly available list of female engineers who are willing to speak at schools.

What else is WES doing?

We offer awards to inspirational engineers, raising the profile of women as technical leaders.

We speak to the media and campaign to change policy where it impacts on women as engineers and STEM education.

2019 will be our centenary year.  Throughout 2019 there will be events, projects and campaigns linked to our three themes: celebrating the present, remembering the past, changing the future.

WES has rich history and we actively work to preserve our heritage and that of pioneering female engineers.  Find out more here.