Technical Leaders

Promoting women into technical leadership is a vital part of WES' work

The WES Technical Leaders programme started in 2008 and has grown from discussion dinners with speakers to support the Set to Lead project, continuing with panel discussions and workshops.

Tech Leaders Dinners

 Take the form of a welcome reception, presentation and discussion session followed by dinner and discussion. To organise a lcoal event or add your name to the invitation list contact the WES office with the subject heading Technical Leaders to

Panel events

 Typically held alongside other techncial events or conferences as well as independent networking events for the wider WES community.


  • Plan your own quarterly in-company or private networking event and use tools such as Google Hangout to record it, then share the link
  • Join in the Global Marathon or the Global Tech Women Voices conference
  • Technical Careers - High Wire and Juggling? with WES members Jan Peters and Alex Walker as part of the GTW Voices event.