MentorSET and Training

MentorSET is a mentoring scheme co-ordinated by the Women's Engineering Society to help women working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). MentorSET aims to increase the number of women who can maintain their STEM careers, and realise their full potential. This has just been relaunched and has now re-opened to members.


The aim of MentorSET is to provide independent mentors who understand the challenges faced in the engineering and allied sectors, and who can provide support and advice. In the 11 years since MentorSET has been running we have created many hundreds of mentoring pairs spread across the UK and encompassing many different STEM careers. Feedback shows that our participants have benefitted enormously and that MentorSET played a useful part in helping women in STEM in the UK.

The new MentorSET scheme encompasses a number of new initiatives. See the full range of MentoSET products here.

We are currently looking for partners interested in MentorSET, on a large or small scale, to join with BEIS (who as DECC provided funding in 2016) and Women In Nuclear in the relaunched MentorSET scheme.

Please email WES CEO at for further details.


The Women's Engineering Society works in partnership with a number of organisations to support companies and individuals with their diversity, inclusion, gender equality and professional development requirements. Below are some of the partners we work with, and the training seminars we can offer. Please contact if you require further details of training for your organisation or women's networks.

Individual Training:

Corporate Training:

Education Training:

  • Attracting and supporting girls to FE STEM courses – best practice guide
  • Practical ways to get more girls taking STEM A-levels
  • Providing Careers Advice to Girls for STEM Careers